Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Day 14. Today we had assessments and I have not lost enough weight and inches. I wasn't surprised because I haven't been eating correctly. So starting today I am going to try and do a little better. I definitely can tell that my thighs are getting a little smaller and my face is slimming down so all is not lost. I did however do better in my sit ups and push ups. Today I had another metal breakdown...when it comes to planks and 8 count body builders my mind breaks down. I give 95% to the entire workout but when those planks and 8 counts come it is a wrap. Eventually after fighting myself I was able to come around. After class I had to have a talk with the click and finally express my feelings. I feel as if they don't give 100% It is hard for me to pump them up when they don't care. If I yell "Boot Camp Click are you with me?" and no one answers then I get discouraged. For me to give them energy..it takes energy...and if I pump myself up to support them I need them to do the same. Also, when they do support me it should be real...don't support me just because the Drill Sergeant said we should. I push my troop when I really feel it. I also learned that we all different when it comes to motivation. I am motivated by negativity because I am competitive. If some says you can't do it..then that pushes me to do it. However, someone expressed they like positive support.So I told them if they give me 100% then I will give them 100%...

Shakara aka Lone Ranger aka Master at Arms

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